What's In A Name?

Think about the things we give names to. Our pets, our vehicles, our favorite kitchen utensils. Sometimes we even give names to our trials and challenges. Giving something a name is a way of giving it value in our lives and a space in our hearts. So then, what does Hepburn and Jane mean? Well, its origin is not all that mysterious. Hepburn and Jane are my daughters’ middle names. That's why whether I'm reading an email, receiving a flower order, or simply introducing my business to someone, I'm constantly reminded of why I do what I do and why It’s so important to me. I hope that truth is always apparent in my business, how I speak to people, even how I design florals. And so this is where Mr. Shakespeare and I dissagree. I do think a name is important, because Hepburn and Jane is not just a company, it’s my whole heart.


Meet Wendy

Owner at Hepburn and Jane

A native to the Central Coast, Wendy grew up with beauty all around her. It's that inspiration that she brings to every arrangement she designs. As a wife and mother to twin daughters she understands the importance of clarity in communication and attention to detail. And so she brings that same mindset to any event she's a part of. Above all else, Wendy believes that joy should be experienced every step of the way. The journey should be just as wonderful as the destination.